How do you increase backhand clear in badminton?

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Beside this, how do you do a backhand clear?

Backhand Clear

  1. Keep your grip loose.
  2. As the birdie passes over the non-dominant side, turn your. body to face the rear court.
  3. Lunge and extend your racket arm in the direction of where the. birdie is due to land.
  4. With the racket pointing up at the sky, make contact with the. …
  5. Flick the wrist to produce more speed and power.
Also to know is, how can I improve my badminton clear? Here are the steps for the Badminton Overhead Clear.
  1. Move into position and get behind the shuttle. …
  2. Raise your Racket Arm and Non-Racket Arm.
  3. Your body should face sideways with your feet pointing slightly sideways. …
  4. Commence your Forehand Stroke. …
  5. Take the shuttle at the Highest Point possible. …
  6. Complete a Full Arm Swing.

Similarly, what are the 4 clears in badminton?

Different trajectories

  • The standard clear. The height of a clear is a balance between attack and defence. …
  • Defensive clears. …
  • Attacking clears. …
  • Straight clears. …
  • Cross-court clears. …
  • Clears to your opponent’s backhand.

What are the 5 shots in badminton?

There are five different types of badminton shots or strokes: Serves, clears, smashes, drives and drops.

How do you hit a powerful backhand in badminton?

When would you use a backhand clear?

When Should You Use the Overhead Badminton Backhand Clear? Only when you’re forced to! When your opponent clears the shuttle to your backhand area, always try to hit it with a Forehand shot. Use the Backhand Clear only when you can’t get into position in time for the Forehand Stroke.

How do you master backhand in badminton?

What is a backhand overhead clear?

As with the forehand clear, the purpose of this shot is to get the shuttle over your opponents head and force them as close to the rear court as you can.

What are the most important basic skill in badminton?

17 Fundamental skills of badminton

S.N Basic Badminton Skills Types
1 Grip Back Hand Forehand
2 Stance Attacking Stance Defensive Stance Net Stance
3 Footwork Move only 2-3 steps backward. Shuffle only 1 step sidewards. Move only 2-3 steps front
4 Serve High Serve Low Serve

What is the hardest hitting shot in the game of badminton?

The badminton smash is considered the most powerful shot in badminton and is usually played on the forehand. It is often difficult to return because of the pace and the downward angle of the shot, think of it as a downwards drive. It is best used when the shuttle is high in the air so that it can be angled downwards.

What is fault in badminton?

The most common fault in badminton is when the players fail to return the shuttlecock so that it passes over the net and lands inside their opponents’ court, but there are also other ways that players may be faulted. … It is a fault if the shuttlecock hits the ceiling.

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