Who is the best badminton coach in the world?

His step down from the position in 2017 left a hole in the Chinese badminton team leading to decline in performance in the last few years.

  • REXY MAINAKY. Rexy Mainaky. He is considered to be one of the best men’s doubles coach. …
  • PARK JOO BONG. Park Joo Bong. …
  • PULLELA GOPICHAND. P Gopichand. …

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In this regard, who is owner of Rajan Academy?


Nature of Business Service Provider
Company CEO Rajan
Year of Establishment 1997
Simply so, which academy is best for badminton in India? Top 5 ranking Badminton academies in India
  1. Pullela Gopichand Badminton Academy. Located In Hyderabad, PGBA is the most promising badminton academy in India. …
  2. Prakash Padukone Badminton Academy. …
  3. Sai’s Badminton Training Centre. …
  4. Ardor Badminton Academy (ABA) …
  5. M.V Bisht Academy.

Just so, who was the first coach of Saina Nehwal?

Saina Nehwal
Handedness Right
Coach Pullela Gopichand
Women’s singles
Career record 437 wins, 200 losses

Who is known as father of badminton?

Nandu Natekar was a true artist of his art (Badminton). Natekar first represented India in 1953 at the age of 20. He is referred as the father of Indian Badminton and was the first Indian badminton player to get an international medal for the nation.

What is the fees of badminton?

Registration and Fees: There is no registration fee to join this academy. However, the monthly fee for members is Rs. 2,500, while the monthly fee for non-members is Rs. 3,125.

Who is better Saina or Sindhu?

Although Saina Nehwal still commands the head-to-head against PV Sindhu, having won everytime against the Rio silver medalist except once, it is Sindhu who fares better otherwise.

What is the salary of Saina Nehwal?

Saina Nehwal Net Worth

Name Saina Nehwal
Profession Indian badminton player
Monthly Income And Salary 40 Lakhs +
yearly Income 5 Crore +
Last Updated September 2021

Who is Rajan in badminton?

Karan Rajan Rajarajan (born 30 October 1996) is a badminton player who competes internationally for India. He plays his last match during the round of 64 of the Saarlorlux Open Men 2020. He is actualy 159th of BWF World Ranking Mens Singles.

Which country has the best badminton training?

Update: Strongest Country In Badminton 2020

China has dominated the world of badminton for several decades, boasting the most amount of wins in the Thomas and Uber cup competitions. In addition, they have won the most Olympic medals of any nation in the sport and produced arguably the best players of every generation.

Can I start playing badminton at 22?

There is NO age limit to play badminton. … If you start learning badminton at the age of 22, you can potentially be a good casual player; but definitely NOT a professional player. And yes, you are right that on average, professional badminton players (especially singles) retire at the age of 30.

What is the fees of Gopichand badminton Academy?

The Gopichand Academy is considered the best badminton academy in India. The annual fees of this institute start at Rs. 2,000 per month. To avail of hostel facilities, one has to pay 15,000 per month.

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