What is recoil weight tennis?

Recoil weight is basically the swingweight or moment of inertia around the balance point of the racket. … It’s called recoilweight because it’s a measure of how stable the racket is during the contact – how much it recoils and how much of the recoil shock is transferred to the arm.

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Moreover, is a heavier or lighter tennis racket better?

Some basic concepts – a heavy racket is more powerful, more stable and transmits less shock than a lighter racket (all other things being equal). A lighter racket is more maneuverable and thus, a player is able to swing it faster.

Correspondingly, is 300g heavy for a tennis racket? A racket should have neutral balance, so that when you hold the racket in the middle it doesn’t feel too heavy one way or the other. … Intermediate women should be using a racket weighing 280-300g, while intermediate men should aim for between 295 and 315g.

Furthermore, what does Plough mean in tennis?

Plow-through has been defined as the percentage of pre-impact racquet velocity remaining immediately after impact. … Some players prefer their racquets to have a lot of weight in the head, with a high twist weight, meaning they are extremely stable on contact and won’t “twist” so much in the hand.

How do you increase your plow in tennis?

Is a heavier tennis racquet better?

The heavier the racquet, the more power it will offer. … Heavyweight tennis racquets (+ 300 grams) help to produce more power behind the ball and can help to maintain control in a faster swing. Heavier racquets are mostly used by Professional, Tour, Advanced players as well as those who want to generate more power.

How heavy is Federer’s racket?

Federer, for what it’s worth, is using a racket that weighs in north of 12.5 ounces — far too heavy for the average club-level player or even high-level junior for that matter.

Can a tennis racket be too heavy?

If you hit lots of errors, your racquet may be too heavy for you. If you feel like you can’t get enough pace on the ball, or if you get tennis/golfer elbow, you may want to try a heavier racquet (along with taking into account string type and tension, racquet flexibility and your form.)

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