What is BAI ID in badminton?

BAI-ID of Player (As on June 20, 2013) http://badmintonindia.org/players/bai-player-id/ Birth Date Verification Remarks symbols meaning: % – As per the Bio-data sheets signed by the player. $ – Variation as per BAI records.

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Similarly one may ask, how do I find my Bai ID?

The Players should produce the certificate be dated of the same year of birth from the Registrar of Birth / Panchayat / Municipal Administration with BAI proforma and affidavit on Rs:50/- court stamp confirming the DOB, place and venue of Birth, Name of Hospital/ Nursing home etc.

Additionally, what is the meaning of Bai ID? Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device (BAIID)

Simply so, what is federation name of badminton in India?

Badminton Association of India (BAI)

What is the full form of Bai?

Badminton Association of India

Abbreviation BAI
Founded 1934
Headquarters New Delhi
President Himanta Biswa Sarma
Official website

What are the types of services in badminton?

These are the four main types of services in badminton and most can be executed with either your forehand or backhand.

  • Low serve. …
  • High serve. …
  • Flick serve. …
  • Drive Serve.

How do you become a badminton player?

In order to be able to undergo badminton training at the national level, you’ll definitely need to start young because badminton players on average, retire at the age of 30. Before being able to participate in international tournaments, you’ll need at least 1-2 years of badminton training with the national squad.

How do you participate in badminton tournament?

Badminton Court Dimensions Size & Measurements

  1. Afterwards, Fill all the required particulars within the form and submit the same along with age proof copy to the particular district Association secy/office.
  2. Once your details are verified, the Player-ID is then issued by BAI and gets updated on the BAI website.

Who controls badminton in India?

Badminton Association of India

Who is the national governing body for badminton?

The Badminton World Federation

What’s was the other name for badminton?

The original name of badminton is Poona, which comes from a city of the same name in India where badminton was popular among British military officers. The name and rules for Poona were first known to be made in 1873.

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