What are the 5 steps of a tennis swing?

Five Steps for a Killer Tennis Forehand

  • React to the ball. To hit a forehand, you must first reach the ball. …
  • Set up your shot. As the ball travels closer, make minor footwork adjustments to receive it in your striking zone. …
  • Begin your swing. …
  • Follow through. …
  • Prepare for the next shot.

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Besides, how do you do a tennis swing?

Then, how do you swing freely in tennis?

Also know, what are the two types of swings in tennis?

Did you know there are several different types of tennis strokes? Those stokes are serve, ground stroke which can be a forehand stroke or backhand stroke, volley, lob or overhead. A continental grip is commonly used with a serve, volley or overhead stroke.

How do I increase my tennis swing speed?

How can I increase my tennis swing speed?

How do I stop hitting in tennis?

How do you hit a strong forehand in tennis?

Who has the best backhand in tennis?

Dominic Thiem led the current Top 10 with average backhand speed at 67.4 mph, followed by Djokovic (67.3 mph) and Alexander Zverev (67.0 mph). Federer was around the middle of the ATP pack, averaging 66.1 mph. The average backhand speed for the 94 players in the data set was 66.0 mph.

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