Who won Uber Cup 2018?


Year Host Final
2016 Details Kunshan, China China
2018 Details Bangkok, Thailand Japan
2020 Details Aarhus, Denmark

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Likewise, who won Thomas Cup 2019?

Thomas Cup

Current season, competition or edition: 2020 Thomas & Uber Cup
Sport Badminton
Countries BWF member nations
Most recent champion(s) China (10th title)
Most titles Indonesia (13 titles)
Regarding this, where was the Uber Cup 2018 held * 2 points?
Bangkok, Thailand

Consequently, what does BWF mean in badminton?

formation. In badminton. The Badminton World Federation (BWF; originally the International Badminton Federation), the world governing body of the sport, was formed in 1934.

Who won Uber Cup 2020?

Thomas and Uber Cup: Ayaka Takahashi leads Japan Women to 3-0 victory over Thailand to claim first title since 1981.

Which country won Sudirman Cup 2019?


Tournament details
Level International
Competitors 377 from 31 nations
Venue Guangxi Sports Center
Location Nanning, China

In which game Thomas Cup is given?


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