Who won the 2012 US Open women’s final?

Victoria Azarenka

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Regarding this, who won the 2012 US Tennis Open?

Andy Murray
Furthermore, who won the 2013 US Open tennis?
Rafael Nadal

Also, who won the 2013 US Open women’s tennis?

Serena Williams

Did Azarenka beat Serena Williams?

Victoria Azarenka staged a comeback to beat Serena Williams in the US Open quarterfinals, earning her first Grand Slam finals appearance in seven years.

Who won the US Open in 2011?

Novak Djokovic

When was the 2012 US Open?

June 14

Who won Wimbledon 2012?

Roger Federer

Roger Federer (3) vs. Andy Murray (4)
Set 1 2 3 4 Roger Federer 4 7 6 6 Andy Murray 6 5 3 4
Chair umpire Enric Molina
Duration 3 hours 24 minutes
Roger Federer won his record seventh Wimbledon Championship

Who is the winner of the US Open 2019?

Rafael Nadal

Men’s Singles
2019 US Open
Champion Rafael Nadal
Runner-up Daniil Medvedev
Final score 7–5, 6–3, 5–7, 4–6, 6–4

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