Who won the 2003 tennis US Open?

Andy Roddick
Men’s Singles
2003 US Open
Champion Andy Roddick
Runner-up Juan Carlos Ferrero
Final score 6–3, 7–6, 6–3

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In respect to this, did Roddick beat Federer?

The Federer–Roddick rivalry was a tennis rivalry between Roger Federer and Andy Roddick. The two met 24 times in official Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) matches, and Federer led 21–3. … Roddick has lost four Grand Slam finals (Wimbledon in 2004, 2005, and 2009, and the US Open in 2006), all to Federer.

Beside above, did Andy Roddick win a Grand Slam? This is a list of the main career statistics of retired professional American tennis player, Andy Roddick. Throughout his career, Roddick won thirty-two ATP singles titles including one grand slam singles title and five ATP Masters 1000 singles titles.

Likewise, who won US Open 2001?

Lleyton Hewitt

What is Roger Federer’s fastest serve?

230 km/h
Player Roger Federer
Fastest serve speed 230 km/h (143 mph)
Height 6’1″ (185 cm)
Highest rank 1
Age when serve hit 29

What is the best tennis match of all time?

1 Novak Djokovic knocked The King of Clay off his throne. In an epic clash between two of the greatest ever to play the sport, the 34-year-old Serb ended Rafael Nadal’s 35-match winning streak at the French Open with a 3-6, 6-3, 7-6(4), 6-2 victory in the semifinals. The match lasted 4 hour, 11 minutes.

Who hit the fastest serve in tennis?

Sam Groth

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