Who won gold medal in 2014 Commonwealth women’s badminton singles?

Michelle Li
Event Gold
Women’s singles Michelle Li Canada
Men’s doubles Tan Wee Kiong and Goh V Shem Malaysia
Women’s doubles Vivian Hoo Kah Mun and Woon Khe Wei Malaysia
Mixed doubles Chris Adcock and Gabrielle Adcock England

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Accordingly, who is the first Indian badminton player to won the gold medal at the Commonwealth Games in Australia?

Padukone won the national senior championship in 1971 at age 16, thereby becoming the youngest player to have achieved the feat. He won each successive national championship until 1979, setting a record of nine national titles in a row. In 1978 he won the singles badminton gold medal at the Commonwealth Games.

Beside this, what was India’s rank in the Commonwealth Games 2014? India participated in the 2014 Commonwealth Games at Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom held from 23 July to 3 August 2014. India fielded a strong 215 member contingent, which is third largest.

Consequently, which city hosted the 2014 Commonwealth Games?

Glasgow 2014

Which country won the maximum number of medals in Commonwealth Games 2014?

Medal Standings Glasgow 2014

Country Gold Total
Canada 32 82
Scotland 19 53
India 15 64
New Zealand 14 45

Who is better Saina or Sindhu?

Although Saina Nehwal still commands the head-to-head against PV Sindhu, having won everytime against the Rio silver medalist except once, it is Sindhu who fares better otherwise.

Who is the coach of PV Sindhu?

Park Tae-sang

Which of the following was the mascot of 2014 Commonwealth Games?


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