Who were the original nine in tennis?

When the Women’s Tennis Association was founded, Billie Jean King was one of nine players that comprised the WTA, also referred to as the Original 9, that included Julie Heldman, Valerie Ziegenfuss, Judy Dalton, Kristy Pigeon, Peaches Bartkowicz, Kerry Melville Reid, Nancy Richey, and Rosie Casals.

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Similarly one may ask, who were the original nine in women’s tennis?

The nine women were Americans Peaches Bartkowicz, Rosie Casals, Julie Heldman, Billie Jean King, Kristy Pigeon, Nancy Richey, Valerie Ziegenfuss, and Australians Judy Tegart Dalton and Kerry Melville Reid, and together with Heldman, they were committed to creating a better future for female athletes.

Besides, who were the Original 9 with Billie Jean King? USA’s Jean King along with, compatriot Rosie Casals, Julie Heldman, Kristy Pigeon, Nancy Richey, Peaches Bartkowicz, Valerie Ziegenfuss, and Australians Judy Tegart Dalton and Kerry Melville Reid, had signed $1 contracts to kick start the women’s tennis circuit 51 years ago.

Just so, what did the Original 9 do?

The players, dubbed the Original 9, rebelled against the United States Lawn Tennis Association (USLTA) due to the wide inequality between the amount of prize money paid to male tennis players and to female tennis players.

Who is #1 in women’s tennis?

Top 100 List of Women’s Tennis Ranking 2021

1 Ashleigh Barty Australia
2 Aryna Sabalenka Belarus
3 Karolina Pliskova Czech Republic
4 Elina Svitolina UKraine

How did the WTA start?


In September 1970, the birth of women’s professional tennis was launched when nine players signed $1 contracts with World Tennis publisher Gladys Heldman to compete in a new women’s tour, the Virginia Slims Series.

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