Who should I give construction rackets to in Mafia 3?

Important – At the end you must decide who will receive the racket – Cassandra, Burke or Vito. Each of them will offer you a different bonus in exchange for the racket.

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Subsequently, what districts should I assign in Mafia 3?

From our experience so far, the following is the best way of assigning districts to your Mafia 3 underbosses:

  • Vito Scaletta = Frisco Fields, Downtown, and River Row.
  • Cassandra = Southdowns, Barclay Mills, and Delray Hollow.
  • Thomas Burke = French Ward, Tickfaw Harbor, and Pointe Verdun.
Just so, how do you take over a racket in Mafia 3?

Simply so, can you reassign districts in Mafia 3?

You can assign each district to one of your three underbosses – Vito, Burke or Cassandra. This will increase your standing with one, but may decrease it with the other two.

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