How do you get a racket in Mafia 3?

In order to collect it, you just need to go to the base and look for a envelope with your earnings. For example, in Burke’s case, the envelope is usually on the countertop in front of him. There’s a cap on how much kickback each lieutenant can accumulate.

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Moreover, can you assign rackets in Mafia 3?

When Lincoln takes control of a new racket, he’ll have to assign it to someone – either Cassandra, Burke, or Vito. … Once you take down all the rackets in a district and eliminate the Marcano lieutenant who oversees it, you’ll have to pick one of your lieutenants to replace them.

In respect to this, what do I do with the medical truck in Mafia 3? Once you enter the truck, break through the gate and start driving to Father James’ church. There you can give him the medicine supplies.

Moreover, what does rackets at Max earn mean Mafia 3?

“rackets at max earn” means you are maxed out and doing any more missions wont have any effect.

How do you start the Burke missions?

Reach the motel in which Donovan is staying and talk to him about the two new potential underbosses. These underbosses will be Burke and Vito and in order to start recruiting Burke you must check the left files that are lying on the table.

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