Who is the best badminton player in Australia?

Raymond Tam (born 20 October 1986) is an Australian badminton player and is currently top of the Badminton Australia men’s doubles rankings.

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Keeping this in view, has Australia ever won a medal in badminton?

Australia has successfully brought home 11 medals from the Commonwealth Games, the first medal coming as part of the teams event at the 1982 Games in Brisbane, Australia, with the home team securing the Bronze Medal.

In this regard, does Australia have an Olympic badminton team? Australia and Olympic Badminton

Lao made it through to the quarter-finals in the women’s singles and, with Cator, finished in the same position in the women’s doubles. Australia has been represented at each Games since Barcelona.

Simply so, who has won the most Olympic gold medal in badminton?

Gao Ling is the all-time leader for the most Olympic medals in badminton, with two gold, one silver, and one bronze; Fu Haifeng (two gold, one silver), Zhang Nan, Zhao Yunlei and Kim Dong-moon (two gold, one bronze) each, Gil Young-ah and Chen Long (one of each) and Lee Chong Wei (three silver) are second for the most …

Who is badminton player?


Player Name Discipline Best ranking
Saina Nehwal Women’s Singles 1
P. V. Sindhu Women’s Singles 2
Prakash Padukone Men’s Singles 1
Srikanth Kidambi Men’s Singles 1

When did Gronya Somerville start badminton?

Born in Melbourne in 1995, Somerville first captured the media’s attention as a young player in 2012 at the Uber Cup in central China’s Hubei Province. She won gold medals at the 2014 Oceania Badminton Championships in women’s doubles and mixed team events.

Which Australian has been to the most Olympics?

Just over a hundred of these have gone on to make at least a sixth Olympic appearance.

Athlete Andrew Hoy
Nation Australia
Birth/Death 1959
Games 1984-2004, 2012, 2020

What are badminton balls called?


What is badminton called in Australia?

Badminton Oceania

Who is Australia’s most successful female Olympian?

The two gold medals on day 9 takes her Tokyo Olympic medal tally to six after winning medals in every event she entered.

  • Emma McKeon has become Australia’s most successful Olympian ever. …
  • The Australian women’s 4x100m medley relay team celebrate after winning gold.

What sport is Australia best at in the Olympics?

Many of Australia’s gold medals have come in swimming, a sport which is popular in Australia, with swimmers from Dawn Fraser to Emma McKeon ranking among the sport’s all-time greats.

Which country has the most athletes in the Olympics?

The United States

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