Who has won the Sudirman Cup 2019?


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Also, who won Sudirman Cup 2021?


In respect to this, who won Sudirman Cup? Sudirman Cup 2021: Dominant Thailand beat India by 4-1.

People also ask, how does the Sudirman Cup work?

The Sudirman Cup is an international competition that does not stage a qualification round. The competing teams are divided into 7 groups based on their performances. … Originally, the teams who finish last in the group were relegated to the lower group for the next edition, except the final group.

Why it is called Sudirman Cup?

The Sudirman Cup is the World Team Championships, held every two years, and one of the most prestigious titles in the sport. … The Cup is named after Dick Sudirman, a former Indonesian badminton player and the founder of the Badminton Association of Indonesia (PBSI).

Which country holds the record for most number of Thomas Cup wins?

Indonesia is the most successful team, having won the tournament thirteen times. China, which did not begin to compete until the 1982 series, follows Indonesia with ten titles, while Malaysia has won five titles. Japan and Denmark both have one.

What is the world governing body of the sport badminton?

The Badminton World Federation

When did Malaysia win the Thomas Cup?

The Malaysia national badminton team is a badminton team that plays for Malaysia in international competitions. The men’s team has enjoyed immense success, having won the Thomas Cup five times, most recently in 1992 and became runner-up nine times.

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