Who has the best backhand smash in badminton?

Taufik is the ONLY badminton player capable of hitting such powerful backhand smashes. I think he holds the record of hitting the fastest backhand smash (260 km per hour). So far he is the only person to ever hit such a powerful backhand smashes during a competition.

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Furthermore, how do you hit a backhand smash in badminton?

Correspondingly, how do you play backhands like Taufik Hidayat?

Just so, what is Taufik Hidayat famous for?

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What is the fastest smash in badminton?

The fastest smash achieved in actual competition belongs to Denmark’s Mads Pieler Kolding, who unleashed a shot timed at 264.7 mph (426 kph) playing for the Chennai Smashers in India’s 2017 Premier League.

Who has the most titles in badminton?

The record for the most number of tournaments won in a single calendar year is held by Gao Ling of China who won an unprecedented nine titles in the 2007 BWF Super Series edition.

What is the best types of smash in badminton?

To fire in here are three ways on how to smash in badminton step by step for beginners.

  1. Forehand Smash Technique. A forehand smash is an overhead smash that a player hits with all the tempo downwards. …
  2. Backhand Smash Technique. This badminton smash is a tough and perfectly offensive shot. …
  3. Jumping Smash Technique.

What is a backhand smash in badminton?

When you’re about to make contact with the shuttle, perform a powerful flick with your wrist. Hit the shuttle with a quick “snapping” motion with the flick of your wrist. Your wrist action along with your backhand swinging motion is the source of power for the badminton backhand.

How do you smash in badminton step by step?

Is Taufik Hidayat retired?

Despite retiring from badminton seven years ago, Taufik Hidayat remains a legend in Indonesia. The Bandung-born shuttler sent the nation into a frenzy when he clinched gold at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, ending its men’s singles title drought since Alan Budikusuma won the inaugural gold at Barcelona 1992.

What is widely regarded as the most powerful shot or stroke in badminton?

The badminton smash is considered the most powerful shot in badminton and is usually played on the forehand.

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