Which trophy is related to badminton?

Thomas Cup

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Regarding this, which cups and trophies are associated with badminton in India?

Shikha Goyal

National Trophies
Name Associated Sport
All India Maharaja Ranjit Singh Gold Cup Hockey
Amrit Diwan Cup Badminton
Ashutosh Trophy Football
Beside this, how many trophies are in badminton? As of 2020, a total of forty-one individuals have been awarded the various National Sports Awards in badminton. The four awards presented in badminton are Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna, Arjuna Award, Dhyan Chand Award and Dronacharya Award.

Consequently, who is the No 1 player in badminton in India?

Badminton in India is managed by Badminton Association of India. Indian shuttlers Saina Nehwal, Srikanth Kidambi, and Pusarla Venkata Sindhu are ranked amongst top-10 in current BWF rankings.

Player Name Discipline Best ranking
India Team 6

What are the three Badminton Cup?

The Thomas, Uber, and Sudirman Cups, the Olympics, and the BWF World (and World Junior Championships), are all categorized as level one tournaments.

How many types of trophy are there?

The Glass Trophies are commonly used for Corporate Events, Institutional Events, Government, Golf Events and various other premium events. Essentially, there are three types of glass used in the making of awards and gifts: glass, crystal and optic crystal.

What is the weight of shuttle in badminton?

Specifications. A shuttlecock weighs around 4.75 to 5.50 g (0.168 to 0.194 oz). It has 16 feathers with each feather 62 to 70 mm (2.4 to 2.8 in) in length, and the diameter of the cork is 25 to 28 mm (0.98 to 1.10 in).

What is soccer called in India?

India national football team

How many points are there in one set of badminton game?

21 points

In which country did badminton originate?

The game is named for Badminton, the country estate of the dukes of Beaufort in Gloucestershire, England, where it was first played about 1873. The roots of the sport can be traced to ancient Greece, China, and India, and it is closely related to the old children’s game battledore and shuttlecock.

What are the rules in badminton?


  • A match consists of the best of three games of 21 points.
  • The player/pair winning a rally adds a point to its score.
  • At 20-all, the player/pair which first gains a 2-point lead wins that game.
  • At 29-all, the side scoring the 30th point wins that game.
  • The player/pair winning a game serves first in the next game.

When was badminton included in Olympics?


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