What is the trophy position in tennis?

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Beside above, what part of the racket do you focus on when serving as a beginner?

The racquet finishes the swing loosely on the left side of the body. If you are a beginner and not yet comfortable jumping, focus on pivoting as you swing so that you finish your serve with your back heel off the ground and your body facing forward.

Keeping this in consideration, what is a continental grip in tennis? The continental grip in tennis. The continental grip corresponds to a specific position on the hand on a particular part of the handle of the racket. … The grip provides maneuverability and precision in both short and long game. The continental grip is the recommended grip for many tennis strokes and is very versatile.

In this way, what is the easiest serve in tennis?

Easy points: A well-placed flat serve is perfect for winning a point outright with an ace, or at the very minimum, forcing your opponent to block the ball back for an easy setup or putaway shot. Low bounce: as the name suggests, flat serves have minimal spin.

How do you serve like a pro in tennis?

How do you hit the perfect tennis serve in 5 simple steps?

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