Which transistor can be used in mosquito bat?

The oscillator transistor used in this Chinese mosquito zapper circuit is a 2N5609, which is an NPN BJT, having a current handling capacity of around 1 amp, however other similar variants such as 8050, 2N2222, D880 etc can also be tried instead of the original number in the design.

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Then, how much battery is used in mosquito bat?

Mosquito Racquet with LED Light

This mosquito racket is powered by a rechargeable 400 mAh battery, which can last for 30 days with a single charge.

Also, how does a mosquito bat circuit work? The working of the Mosquito Killer Bat is very simple. A high voltage power supply is given to the metal mesh. So when a mosquito flies between the Meshes it creates a low resistance path between the meshes so the high voltage creates an ARC through the body of the mosquito which is instantly electrocuted.

Beside this, what is the price of mosquito racket?

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How much voltage is in a mosquito racket?

Swing swatter until the electric metal mesh touches the mosquitoes,mosquitoes will be eradicated immediately. Release the button switch, when the working light bis off,the electric metal mesh has no power. 4.

Number of Net Layers 2
Number of Batteries 1
Battery Size AA
Battery Voltage 110 V
Battery Recharge Time 8 hr

Which capacitor is used in mosquito bat?

shockley electronics 100nF, 0.1uf (104k) Film, Paper Capacitors +…

Battery Type NA
Battery Size NA
Power Source Battery

How many hours should we charge mosquito racket?

Features an Easy-to-Use Mechanism

Equipped with a rechargeable battery, the insect killer racket with LED torch requires a charging time of 8 to 12 hours before being used.

Do mosquitoes sleep?

Mosquitoes don’t sleep like we do, but people often wonder what these pests do during times of day when they aren’t active. When they aren’t flying to locate a host to feed on, mosquitoes sleep, or rather rest, and are inactive unless disturbed.

Which is best mosquito bat?

Mosquito killer rackets in India

  • HIT Anti Mosquito Racquet – Rechargeable Insect Killer Bat. …
  • WEIRD WOLF Heavy-Duty COB Light Mosquito Bat Racket. …
  • Pick Ur Needs ® Best High Range Mosquito Racket/Bat. …
  • CTB PLSUPREME Mosquito Racket. …
  • YAGE by Rozzby Mosquito Killer Racket with USB Charging.

Is mosquito racket safe?

HYDERABAD: Chinese-made electric mosquito bats (EMBs) are harming the environment in India. … Reports available online suggest that at least two lakh EMBs were imported from China to India from February to November 2016.

How do I know if my mosquito racket is working?

Check the Battery

  1. Next, check the voltage across the detached battery wire through V range of your DMM. …
  2. If it shows 3V, then connect it back with the PCB and measure the DC side supply lines ON the PCB with the push button pressed.

How do I connect my mosquito bat battery?

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