Which is the best mosquito bat in India?

To help you out, we have curated a list of the best mosquito rackets.

  • HIT Anti Mosquito Racquet – Rechargeable Insect Killer Bat. …
  • WEIRD WOLF Heavy-Duty COB Light Mosquito Bat Racket. …
  • Pick Ur Needs ® Best High Range Mosquito Racket/Bat. …
  • CTB PLSUPREME Mosquito Racket. …
  • YAGE by Rozzby Mosquito Killer Racket with USB Charging.

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In respect to this, which is the best mosquito racket?

  • Woomzy Eco Friendly Electronic LED Mosquito Killer Mach… Suction Trap. 4.7. ₹499.
  • E POWER E POWER Electric Turbo Sonic Model (COB Light) … Bat. 3.5. (21) ₹505. 36% off. Pre-Book Deal.
  • POKARI Electric Insect Killer. Bat. 4.4. ₹699. ₹849.
  • PB Softtech Anti- Mosquito Racquet – Rechargeable Insec… Bat. 3.8. (79) ₹251. 58% off.
Moreover, what is the name of Mosquito Killing racket? Compare with similar items
This item BJE Electric Insect Killer, Mosquito Killing Bat, Swatter, Racket, Suitable for All Sorts of Insects (Red) Mr Right Mosquito Bat – Powerful Insect Killer Rechargeable Racquet with LED Light (All India Warranty)
Price ₹318.00 ₹599.00
Sold By Worivo Official Mr Right
Material Plastic Plastic

Correspondingly, what is the cost of mosquito bat?

Compare with similar items

This item HIT Anti Mosquito Racquet – Rechargeable Insect Killer Bat with LED Light (6 Months Warranty), White #1 Best Seller
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Customer Rating 4.1 out of 5 stars (56581)
Price ₹549.00
Sold By Cloudtail India

Who found mosquito bat?

Tsao-I Shih

Is mosquito racket safe?

HYDERABAD: Chinese-made electric mosquito bats (EMBs) are harming the environment in India. … Reports available online suggest that at least two lakh EMBs were imported from China to India from February to November 2016.

How much voltage is in a mosquito racket?

Swing swatter until the electric metal mesh touches the mosquitoes,mosquitoes will be eradicated immediately. Release the button switch, when the working light bis off,the electric metal mesh has no power. 4.

Number of Net Layers 2
Number of Batteries 1
Battery Size AA
Battery Voltage 110 V
Battery Recharge Time 8 hr

How do I avoid mosquitoes?

To protect yourself from mosquito bites at home it is best top prevent mosquitoes getting into your house. Maintain fly screens on windows, doors, vents and chimneys. Use insect sprays and repellents containing either picaridin or DEET, both inside and outside the house to kill mosquitoes.

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