Which string is best for badminton?

Top 8 Best Badminton String for Smashing Reviews In 2021

  • Yonex Aerosonic Badminton String. …
  • Yonex BG-65 Badminton String. …
  • Yonex BG 65 Ti Titanium Badminton String. …
  • Yonex BG 66 Ultimax Badminton String. …
  • Yonex Badminton String Nanogy 99. …
  • YONEX BG-65 Turquoise Badminton String. …
  • LI-NING String NO. …
  • Yonex Aerobite Badminton String.

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Correspondingly, what are the badminton strings?

Best Badminton Strings

  • Yonex BG 80.
  • Yonex Aerosonic Badminton String.
  • Yonex BG-65.
  • LI-NING Badminton Racket String NO. 1 High Rebound String for Racket.
  • YONEX BG66 Ultimax Badminton String – 200m Reel.
  • Yonex BG 65 Ti Titanium.
  • Yonex BG68 Ti Titanium.
  • Yonex Nanogy 98 Medium Feeling.
One may also ask, what string do professional badminton players use? What strings do professional badminton players use? Yonex BG 65 Ti, Yonex BG 66 Ultimax, and Yonex BG 80 are the most commonly used strings by many professional badminton players: Professional players using (used) BG 65 Ti: Praveen Jordan (India)

Moreover, how do I choose a badminton racquet string?

If you want to enjoy a nice blend of durability and control, opt for racket strings that are slightly less thick than 0.70 mm. You may find that Yonex BG 80 Power string has 0.68 mm thickness but it can give you a slightly different feel and control.

What string tension Do pros use badminton?

Beginner : 17lbs-20lbs. Intermediate: 20lbs-24lbs. Advanced: 24lbs-27lbs. Professional/International: 27lbs – 30lbs+

Which string is used by professionals?

As the finest choice for professional players, it’s good to go with this string only. Li-Ning No. 7: The other name that strikes mind when talking about badminton string used by the professionals is Li-Ning No.

What is string tension in badminton?

String tension refers to how tight the racket string is tied to the racket, and it’s measured in pounds (lbs) normally. … For average players, 22-26 lbs will be good enough. Over-loose string will cause the string bed to be too bouncy, and hence make the control of your shot execution harder.

What is backhand grip in badminton?

The backhand grip, also known as the thumb grip, is similar to the forehand grip except the complete bottom of the thumb is in contact with the 3rd bevel and the index finger is lowered down to a position below the thumb.

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