Where does Simone teach pickleball?

Peak Performance Pickleball Academy

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One may also ask, is Simone Jardin married?

Simone and her husband Chad Edwards are the proud parents of two children, Alexas, 10 years old and Landon who will celebrate his six birthday during this year’s Margaritaville USA Pickleball National Championships.

Thereof, is Simone Jardim sponsored by Nike? Jardim joins Nike Pickleball Camps with an outstanding reputation as one of the most well-known names in the pickleball world. … She is the co-founder and co-director of Peak Performance Pickleball Academy, and is sponsored by Prince Pickleball and Jigsaw Health.

Furthermore, what shoes does Simone Jardim wear?

On safety, she stresses the basics—no backpedaling (too easy to trip) and wearing the correct shoes, known as court shoes, whose soles are smooth and resist grabbing the court. As for how hard to run and reach for the ball, Jardim is not a subscriber to the “two steps or let it go” school.

Who are the best pickleball players?

Points 18200

1 Benjamin Johns 18200
2 Tyson McGuffin 15700
3 Zane Navratil 13300
4 Jocelyn Devilliers 11500

What shoes do you wear for pickleball?

As in the kind of shoes you wear for tennis. Court shoes are ideal for pickleball because of their tread pattern. Court shoes have a tread pattern that is tailor made for not only forward and backward movement, but also lateral or side to side movement.

How much money does Simone Jardim make?

Prize Money Standings

Ranking Women Pro Players Prize Money
1 Andrea Koop $4350
2 Lea Jansen $4125
3 Simone Jardim $4000
4 Corrine Carr $3600

How old is Jardim?


How old is Anna Leigh Waters?

A chance road trip to Pennsylvania to avoid Hurricane Irma led to the discovery of a new sport for Leigh Waters, 40, and her 12-year-old daughter Anna Leigh Waters.

What paddle does Simone Jardim use?

In recent years, Simone Jardim exclusively used the ProLite paddles. As a tennis player, she is likely familiar with Prince products. When they released their pickleball paddles, she switched allegiances. After switching, Simone Jardim went on to win three golds during pro events in 2018.

How old is Kyle Yates?

Pickleball: 21-year-old Kyle Yates of Fort Myers bringing national game to U.S. Open in Naples.

How old is Catherine Parenteau?

age 26

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