Where does Simone Jardim teach pickleball?

Peak Performance Pickleball Academy

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Likewise, how old is Simone Jardim pickleball?

Jardim, 39, is from Brazil but has spent the past three years living in Southwest Florida. Both local players crisscross the country to participate in the growing number of big-money professional pickleball tournaments. “The U.S. Open is always my favorite tournament of the year,” Yates said.

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People also ask, who is Simone Jardim married to?

Chad Edwards

Who is the best female pickleball player?

Best Women’s Pickleball Players

  1. Lucy Kovalova. 2018 USAPA Nationals. Gold – Women’s Doubles (Open) with Irina Tereschenko. …
  2. Simone Jardim. 2018 USAPA Nationals. …
  3. Irina Tereschenko. 2018 USAPA Nationals. …
  4. Corrine Carr. 2018 USAPA Nationals. …
  5. Sarah Ansboury. 2018 USAPA Nationals. …
  6. Kaitlyn Christian. 2018 USAPA Nationals.

Who is the number 1 pickleball player in the world?

Jay Devilliers

Ranking Players Total Points
1 Jay Devilliers 900
2 Zane Navratil 720
3 JW Johnson 330
4 Ben Johns 300

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