What racket does Richard Gasquet use?

He uses a Head LiquidMetal Instinct Tour XL (pro stock code PT161A, he allegedly uses a version with the ridges) under a Head Graphene XT Extreme Pro paint job. His specs according to tennis forums are around 361g strung, 381 swingweight and a balance of 32.4 cm strung and Luxilon Big Banger original.

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Similarly one may ask, what is the rarest tennis racquet?

Top 10 Most Expensive Tennis Rackets in the World

  1. Proximus Diamond game prize.
  2. The Chanel Racket.
  3. The Boris Becker world Champion L3 1995 Racket.
  4. Bosworth Tour 96.
  5. Wilson Pro Staff RF97 2018 racket.
  6. Wilson Blade SW104.
  7. Yonex Astrel 105.
  8. Head MxG 5.
Accordingly, what racket does musetti use?
HEAD Extreme Tour

Also know, what grip does Gasquet use?

He strings his racquet with Luxilon Big Banger Original 16 String. Gasquet also uses Tourna Grip and interestingly, is known to apply the grip as quickly as anyone, having done that regularly even during changeovers of matches.

What racquet does Novak Djokovic use?

Head Graphene 360+ Speed Pro

Is it worth buying expensive tennis racket?

As a rule the more expensive the racket the better the string job. Less expensive rackets will likely not have great strings however if your strings feel good and you can play with them then certainly do not cut them out. Remember strings are the only thing that make contact with the ball, they are worth investing in.

What’s the most expensive tennis ball?

Most Expensive Tennis Balls

  • Wilson Tour Germany (value $ 9.48) …
  • Head No. …
  • Babolat French Open All Court (value $ 2.25) …
  • Wilson Tour Clay Green (value $ 2)
  • Dunlop Fort Elite (value $ 1.95)
  • Babolat French Open Clay (value $ 1.87)
  • Wilson Australian Open (value $ 1.80)
  • Head ATP (value $ 1.7)

How much is Nadal’s racket?

Of the Big 3, Nadal is using the lightest racquet with Roger Federer’s RF97 the heaviest at 357g and Novak Djokovic’s racquet not too far behind at 353g.

Head Size 100 in²
Length 27in
Strung Weight 343 grams
Balance 33.5cm (3pts HL)
Swing Weight 360

What is Eastern backhand grip?

The Eastern Backhand Grip (Bevel #1)

The Eastern Backhand grip is obtained when placing the hand such that the base knuckle of the index finger and heel of the hand are right on bevel #1. This grip allows for significant spin and control. The opposite face of the racket is used compared to the Eastern forehand.

How do you hit a Gasquet backhand?

The racket face begins to straighten so he can hit the ball flat or with topspin. Gasquet uncoils from the point of maximum shoulder rotation, swinging the racket down and forward as his full weight transfers to the front foot, with the knee bent enough to get under the ball.

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