What grip does Gasquet use?

He strings his racquet with Luxilon Big Banger Original 16 String. Gasquet also uses Tourna Grip and interestingly, is known to apply the grip as quickly as anyone, having done that regularly even during changeovers of matches.

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Considering this, what is an Eastern forehand grip?

The eastern forehand grip, is one of the most widely used in tennis. … The Eastern grip was a natural progression when players wanted to hit more aggressive shots. This allowed them to add a more topspin onto the ball to get a higher margin for error than what the Continental grip could offer.

In this manner, how does Roger Federer hold his racquet? Roger Federer and several other pro tennis players still use the eastern forehand grip. It allows for a good combination of power and spin on your forehand. To try the eastern grip, lay your dominant hand out with your palm facing up.

Accordingly, what is Eastern backhand grip?

The Eastern Backhand Grip (Bevel #1)

The Eastern Backhand grip is obtained when placing the hand such that the base knuckle of the index finger and heel of the hand are right on bevel #1. This grip allows for significant spin and control. The opposite face of the racket is used compared to the Eastern forehand.

How does Nadal hold his racket?

Rafa’s Forehand Grip

Like many of today’s modern tennis pros, Nadal uses the semi-western grip to hit his forehand. Contrary to popular belief, he does not use a full western grip.

What is the most common tennis grip?

Continental Grip

Can you serve with an Eastern grip?

An Eastern Forehand Grip can be used, but is not shown or recommended. ►Toss: The Slice Toss is also into the court, but is slightly further to the right than the Flat Toss. It will land approximately the same distance inside the baseline as the Flat Serve.

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