What is UTR ranking in tennis?

Universal Tennis (UTR) is a global rating system that promotes fair and competitive play across the tennis world. All players, regardless of age, gender, geography or skill level, are rated on a same scale between 1 and 16.50 based on actual match results. UTR provides a real-time view of a player’s true skill level.

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In this manner, how do I find my tennis UTR?

UTR is calculated by an algorithm using a player’s match scores from the last 12 months. For each eligible match, the algorithm calculates a match rating and a match weight; a player’s UTR is the weighted average of all the match ratings.

In this regard, is UTR better than USTA? It is better to use UTR since UTR gives players more precise division of the rating system than NTRP. Players will know what skills and measurements they require in order to raise their game level.

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