Where can I find my UTR rating?

According to Universal Tennis, generally, UTRs are calculated like this: We look at the last thirty matches that you have played (during the past 12 months), and calculate the percentage games that you won in each match.

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Beside above, how do I find my USTA ranking?

USTA Rankings/Standings: Ranking and standings points are earned by winning singles and doubles matches at various types of USTA-sanctioned tournaments and designated ITF tournaments. Junior NTRP Ratings: Junior Ratings are calculated nightly and will be updated every two weeks for public view.

Also know, what is my universal Tennis Rating? Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) is a global system that rates every tennis player regardless of their age, gender, or nationality. In recent years, UTR has emerged as the metric system of tennis worldwide. It is 16-point scale used to measure a player’s game, skill and capability.

Also, what is a good UTR ranking?

Across all divisions, 60% of college women tennis players have a UTR Rating between 2 and 7. For men across all divisions, 56% have a UTR Rating between 3 and 10.

What is a good UTR Rating?

A player’s UTR is a number between 1.00 and 16.50. One match result is all it takes to receive a projected UTR Rating. After approximately five matches, the rating becomes fully reliable.

Is a 4.0 tennis player good?

4.0 Tennis Rating

A person with a tennis rating of a 4.0 will force errors and sometimes become impatient but able to complete dependable shots with control and depth.

How good is a 4.5 tennis player?

The program identifies and describes 13 levels of playing ability — ranging from 1.0 to 7.0 — based upon several playing characteristics. An NTRP rating of 4.5 means you’re an advanced player, quite skilled and you play in leagues and tournaments.

How do you find out your tennis ranking?

Go to http://tennislink.usta.com/TOURNAMENTS/Common. You can enter a USTA Membership # or player name and click Search to find ranking information. Click on the player name that is returned via the search results to see all the ranking lists that this player is on.

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