What is the use of playing badminton?

The benefit of badminton as a game is that it improves blood circulation to a greater extent, which in turn means that it strengthens the heart muscles to pump blood more profusely. A stronger heart becomes a healthy heart as it causes unclogging of the arterial walls and reduction of bad cholesterol.

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One may also ask, what are the benefits of badminton in your body?

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Playing Badminton

  • · Aids weight loss. As the sport involves a lot of physical activity, you shed a lot of calories as well. …
  • Tones your body. …
  • Improves heart function. …
  • Improves metabolic rate. …
  • Increases bone density. …
  • Minimizes the risk of diabetes. …
  • Increases concentration. …
  • Decreases stress.
Just so, what are the 15 health benefits of playing badminton? 15 Health Benefits of Badminton

  • Increase Muscle Tone with Regular Badminton Play. …
  • Build Stamina and Endurance. …
  • Improve Cardiovascular Health. …
  • Badminton Benefits Weight Loss. …
  • Improve Flexibility with Badminton. …
  • Sharpen Your Reflexes. …
  • Temporary Stress Relief. …
  • Increase Self Esteem.

Also question is, what are the badminton rules?


  • A match consists of the best of three games of 21 points.
  • The player/pair winning a rally adds a point to its score.
  • At 20-all, the player/pair which first gains a 2-point lead wins that game.
  • At 29-all, the side scoring the 30th point wins that game.
  • The player/pair winning a game serves first in the next game.

Does badminton burn fat?

While badminton is great at burning fat and carbohydrates by working both your aerobic and anaerobic systems, it can also help you build muscle. Each pound of muscle burns 6-7 calories a day while each pound of fat burns 2-3 calories a day – a pretty significant difference!

What are the disadvantages of playing badminton?

There are also disadvantages to playing badminton.

  • Sprained Ankle.
  • Achilles Tendonitis.
  • Tennis Elbow.
  • Rotator Cuff Injury.
  • Patella Tendonitis.
  • etc.

What are the basic skills of badminton?

Here are nine basic skills you need to learn to play Badminton:

  • Knowing how to warm up properly.
  • The basic forehand and backhand grip.
  • The basic six corners footwork.
  • The split step or the ready stance.
  • The basic shots.
  • Perception and anticipation.
  • Hand-eye coordination.
  • Rhythm and timing.

Is walking better than badminton?

A Moderate Calorie Burn

HealthStatus notes that badminton burns calories slightly faster than walking at 3 mph and playing doubles tennis, but burns calories slower than singles tennis, half-court basketball, jogging at 5 mph and bicycling between 12 and 14 mph.

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