What is the international team tennis cup called?

Davis Cup

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Consequently, which tennis tournament is a team event?

The Davis Cup

Then, what is the World Cup of tennis?

World Team Cup

People also ask, what is not a part of the grand slam in tennis?

The correct answer is South African Open. South African Open is not a tennis grand slam tournament.

Which award is given in tennis?

The ATP Player and Team of the Year awards are presently given to the player and team who end the year as world No. 1 in the ATP Rankings. In earlier years, this was not explicitly the case as in 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1982 and 1989 the Players of the Year named by the ATP (listed below) did not have the No.

What is the best college tennis team?


  • ( 2) Texas – 275.
  • ( 5) Pepperdine – 263.
  • ( 1) North Carolina – 254.
  • ( 11) NC State – 233.
  • ( 4) UCLA – 230.
  • ( 3) Georgia – 229.
  • ( 6) Ohio State – 198.
  • ( 12) Florida State – 185.

What is Junior Team Tennis?

USTA Junior Team Tennis brings together boys and girls, ages 6 to 18, to play singles, doubles and mixed doubles against other coed teams. Beyond being fun and a great form of exercise, Junior Team Tennis is a competitive, level-based environment that promotes individual growth, social growth and life skills.

How does Team Tennis Work?

In a WTT match, each team is comprised of two men, two women, and a coach. Team matches consist of five sets, with one set each of men’s and women’s singles, men’s and women’s doubles, and mixed doubles. The first team to reach five games wins each set. … One point is awarded for each game won and scoring is cumulative.

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