What is side spin serve?

The bat has made contact slightly underneath and to the left side of the ball, as viewed by the camera. The underneath motion will put backspin on the ball, while the right to left motion will put sidespin on the ball. This combination of spins is harder for an opponent to read than just pure backspin or pure sidespin.

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In this manner, how does a side top spin serve work?

The topspin serve is almost all forward rotation. While there may be some degree of side spin, it is 90-100% forward spin. This will cause the ball to bounce slightly higher than the kick serve. The velocity of the topspin and kick serve are about the same, since the RPM on the ball is similar as well.

In this way, how do you backspin in table tennis?

Then, are you allowed to serve backhand in ping pong?

Points to look for: This serve can be performed from the server’s backhand corner, although it is also common to use this serve from the middle of the table, as pictured here. The type of sidespin put on the ball will tend to make the receiver’s return go towards the server’s forehand.

How do you get a spin on your serve?

How do I get more spin on my serve?

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