What is a smash shot in tennis?

A smash in tennis is a shot that is hit above the hitter’s head with a serve-like motion. It is also referred to as an overhead. A smash can usually be hit with a high amount of force and is often a shot that ends the point.

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Also know, how do u play smash in tennis?

Similarly, why is smash hard to stop in tennis? And yet a lot of players say it is a tough shot to make because of the time the ball spends in the air, with everybody waiting for you to hit it. If you miss, you tend to feel deflated, and it is one of the most difficult shots to coordinate and judge.

Consequently, what is a forehand smash in tennis?

The forehand smash is a fast, hard and powerful stroke that aims to force the opponent away from the table or to win a point outright. However, the shot is not always about force and requires the player to use good timing, technique and precision simultaneously.

What does a let mean in tennis?

Let – a serve is called a let when the ball hits the net cord but still lands in the service court. Such a serve is not considered a fault and the server may repeat the service attempt. A ball that hits the net cord but lands outside the service box is still a fault.

How do you hit overheads?

How do you hit a overhead smash in tennis?

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Why is the smash important in tennis?

The great advantage of the smash is that you can hit the ball into the opponent’s court at high speed. Rarely does a player actually reach the ball. Therefore, the smash is an effective shot to finish the rally and thus win the point.

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