What is a junkballer in tennis?

junkballer (plural junkballers) (tennis, sometimes derogatory) A player that hits a lot of slow shots. (baseball) A pitcher that relies heavily on off-speed pitches.

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One may also ask, what does a pusher mean in tennis?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In tennis, a pusher is a defensive player who “pushes” back any shot they can chase down, without deliberately hitting a winner. They can angle shots, aim deep, as well as produce effective lobs. Pushers are extremely quick and consistent, rarely making errors.

Simply so, how do you beat the junk baller in tennis?

Then, how do you beat a pusher in tennis?

How do you beat better than someone in tennis?

Is pushing bad in tennis?

Really there is nothing wrong with pushing as a strategy, especially if you are winning. Match tennis is more about grit, determination, and smart decisions than it is about ‘feeling good’. My advice would be to keep playing your game and getting match experience.

How do you return high lobs in tennis?

What is a counter puncher in tennis?

A defensive baseliner, counter-puncher or retriever, tries to return every ball and relies on the opponent making mistakes. The trademarks of a counterpuncher include consistent shots with low error rate, as well as precise placement that makes it hard for their opponent to execute an aggressive shot.

How do you hit a deep ball?

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