What is a forehand drive in badminton?

The forehand drive is an attacking shot that is usually played from the sides of the court when the shuttlecock has fallen too low for it to be returned with a smash.

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Similarly, how do you hit a forehand drive in badminton?

Correspondingly, how do you forehand a drive?

Considering this, what are the 5 shots in badminton?

There are five different types of badminton shots or strokes: Serves, clears, smashes, drives and drops.

What is the most powerful shot in badminton?

The badminton smash

What is fault in badminton?

Contact Faults in Badminton. During play, if the player touches the net or the player’s racket hits the net, it is called a fault.

What is the drop shot in badminton?

(in tennis, badminton, etc.) a ball or shuttlecock so softly hit that it falls to the playing surface just after clearing the net. … a ball so softly hit that it falls suddenly to the ground just after striking the front wall. shot made in a shot tower.

What are the basic footwork in badminton?

In this section we will cover different footwork techniques you should be using in game. These include ready position, side step (chasse), lunge, scissor kick, crossover step and three-step return to mid court.

What are 2 key points to striking the ball on the forehand drive?

How do you play a forehand drive?

  • Start with bat around waist height.
  • Close the bat angle slightly.
  • Rotate backwards from the waist.
  • As the ball approaches, rotate forwards and move your bat forwards and up.
  • Contact the ball just in front of your body.
  • The contact should be quite flat, roughly in the middle of your bat.

What is tricky about the forehand underarm clear?

what is especially tricky about the forehand underarm clear? The player lunges forward with the front knee bent and the back leg slightly bent while he/she leans toward the shuttle. It is like hitting a high serve, only it is hit lower.

What is forehand serve?

Forehand Serve

The ball is in your left hand, and that arm is extended toward the net. Bend at the waist, take your paddle arm back, drop or toss the ball between you and the target (figure 4.3a), swing your paddle arm forward in an underhand motion, and contact the ball below your waist (4.3b).

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