What has happened to Daria Gavrilova?

Australian tennis star Daria Gavrilova is going under the knife to hopefully put more than five years of injury hell behind her. Gavrilova will undergo surgery on Friday after a chronic foot injury sent her spiralling from No. 20 in the world to her current position of 387th in the rankings.

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Similarly one may ask, who is Daria Gavrilova boyfriend?

Luke Saville

Herein, what is good from behind? Senior Member. I would understand “I’m good from behind” to mean “I’m good when I’m in a losing situation”.

Regarding this, is Daria Gavrilova an Australian citizen?

SHE once cried when Lleyton Hewitt lost and partly based her game on his former fiancee Kim Clijsters. But that’s not why Daria Gavrilova chose Australia. … But perhaps the most intriguing thing about Russian-born Daria Gavrilova is why she chose to become an Australian citizen.

When did Daria Gavrilova move to Australia?


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