What happened to Adidas miCoach?

On February 28, 2018, adidas closed down the miCoach platform and handed the baton to Runtastic. Your miCoach data is now anonymized within the adidas systems and no longer accessible. It is no longer possible to migrate your data from the miCoach platform to the adidas Running app.

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Secondly, what is miCoach technology?

Adidas miCoach is a training eco-system including wearable technology like the Speed Cell, Pacer Bundle and a Heart Rate Monitor. The system is an advanced physiological monitor worn by players to measure speed, distance, acceleration, heart rate and power in real-time, with results available live to coaches.

Similarly one may ask, how do you use Adidas miCoach?

Regarding this, what is the Adidas smart ball app called?

micoach Smart Ball

What does the Adidas smart ball do?

Using Bluetooth sensors suspended inside, Adidas is able to provide in its app immediate feedback about a kick’s speed, spin and curve. And, in doing so, it can give a coach or player invaluable information for correcting (or preventing) bad habits.

How do you use Adidas smart fit?

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