What happened to Gulbis?

Gulbis lost six consecutive tour-level matches from mid-February to mid-May and seven consecutive from mid-May to late July. A back injury forced him to retire from his final two tournaments. But this year, Gulbis is free of the back spasms that bothered him, and he credits a long off-season for his rejuvenated start.

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One may also ask, is Ernest Gulbis father a billionaire?

Gulbis’ father, Ainars Gulbis, is an investment banker while his mother, Milena, is an actress. A concrete net worth is elusive, but Gulbis’ family is said to be the third-wealthiest in Latvia.

Likewise, people ask, has Ernest Gulbis retired? Expectations were high for Gulbis as the former quarterfinalist came into the 2010 French Open seeded 23rd (ranked World No. 27), after having an incredible clay-court season. However, Gulbis retired during the first round citing a hamstring injury against the veteran Frenchman and World No.

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