What happened to Gulbis tennis?

Gulbis lost six consecutive tour-level matches from mid-February to mid-May and seven consecutive from mid-May to late July. A back injury forced him to retire from his final two tournaments. But this year, Gulbis is free of the back spasms that bothered him, and he credits a long off-season for his rejuvenated start.

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Accordingly, is Ernest Gulbis father a billionaire?

Gulbis’ father, Ainars Gulbis, is an investment banker while his mother, Milena, is an actress. A concrete net worth is elusive, but Gulbis’ family is said to be the third-wealthiest in Latvia.

Similarly one may ask, how much is the Australian Open tennis worth? The men’s and women’s singles champions will earn approximately $2.13 million each. Last year’s winners, Novak Djokovic and Sofia Kenin, won about $3.12 million. The men’s and women’s doubles champions win $463,740, while the mixed doubles champions win $115,935.

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