Is there anyone for tennis?

“Anyone for Tennis” is included on several Cream compilation albums, including Strange Brew: The Very Best of Cream (1983), The Very Best of Cream (1995), and the boxed set Those Were the Days (1997).

“Anyone for Tennis”
Released May 1968
Recorded 1967–1968
Genre Pop rock
Length 2:37

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Subsequently, where does the phrase tennis anyone come from?

Erskine Johnson, in a 1948 interview, reports Bogart as saying “I used to play juveniles on Broadway and came bouncing into drawing rooms with a tennis racket under my arm and the line: ‘Tennis anybody?’ It was a stage trick to get some of the characters off the set so the plot could continue.”

Similarly one may ask, what does play tennis mean? (tenɪs ) uncountable noun. Tennis is a game played by two or four players on a rectangular court. The players use an oval racket with strings across it to hit a ball over a net across the middle of the court.

Keeping this in view, who played Carol Martin on Leave it to Beaver?

Cynthia Chenault

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