Who said tennis anyone?

Humphrey Bogart

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Moreover, did someone say tennis?

“Anyone for tennis?” is particularly associated with the early career of Hollywood star Humphrey Bogart. … Erskine Johnson, in a 1948 interview, reports Bogart as saying “I used to play juveniles on Broadway and came bouncing into drawing rooms with a tennis racket under my arm and the line: ‘Tennis anybody?’

Thereof, where did the saying tennis Anyone come from? The phrase was popularized in plays in the early 20th century as a jab at the aristocracy and upper class who cared little or not at all for the problems afflicting those in social classes beneath them. Today, the phrase is used more commonly in article and book titles about tennis. Primarily heard in UK.

Then, is there Anyone for tennis?

“Anyone for Tennis” is included on several Cream compilation albums, including Strange Brew: The Very Best of Cream (1983), The Very Best of Cream (1995), and the boxed set Those Were the Days (1997).

“Anyone for Tennis”
Released May 1968
Recorded 1967–1968
Genre Pop rock
Length 2:37

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Cynthia Chenault

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