Is tennis clash available on Android?

Tennis Clash 2.19. 0 for Android – Download.

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In this regard, is tennis clash fake?

Tennis Clash is a scam; I strongly recommend everyone not to waste their time and money on this game which requires you to spend more to progress. … To give few examples, you will always loose after just 5 or 6 games maximum due to wrong skills or trophy matching.

Similarly, can you play tennis clash online? Tennis Clash features online multiplayer, but accessing it is not straightforward at all. … It’s here that you can initiate an online multiplayer match. You do have to be friends on Facebook to participate in an online match though, as there’s no baked in friends feature in Tennis Clash.

Keeping this in consideration, how many downloads does tennis clash have?

About Wildlife

The company’s games have been downloaded at least 2 billion times. Founded in 2011, the company currently has 500 employees spread across six offices around the world.

Is Tennis Clash pay to win?

It is a freemium game and like most freemium games, if you want to progress in the game you’ve got to be dishing out a lot cash, else you’ll be stuck grinding your way to the top, which is not guaranteed. There are hundreds and thousands of players that are grinding Tennis Clash everyday, so the competition is high.

What games can you play on a tennis court?

Games to Play on the Tennis Court

  • Line Tag.
  • Dodgeball.
  • Soccer Tennis. …
  • Tennis Baseball.
  • Decide what areas on the tennis court are bases—net posts, the center of the back curtain, and fences are all great options. …
  • Tennis Hockey.
  • First to 100.

Are there bots in Tennis Clash?

Yes, there are Bots in Tennis Clash.

When did Tennis Clash start?


Support URL: Wildlife Studios Support
Categories: Games Games/Sports Games/Action Sports
Developer Website: Wildlife Studios
Country Release Date: 10/24/2019
Worldwide Release Date: 10/24/2019

How do you win at Tennis Clash?

Can you play with your friends on tennis clash?

You can play friendly matches against friends by checking their profile Names and Status. Each player will display a status such as Offline, Online, In a Match. When a friend is Online, just tap ” Play” next to their name to send a match request!

Is tennis clash a good game?

It is also a good game to play if you want to spend your free time. The best thing in this game is: You don’t have to be a virtual tennis pro in order to win in Tennis Clash. You just have to swipe the screen (This action hits the ball) and do some minor positioning on where your avatar stands, that’s all.

How do you add friends on tennis clash without Facebook?

Just open your History and click on the name of a player you have been paired before, then tap on ” Add Friend”. A Friend Request is going to be sent to that player, who can Accept or Deny it.

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