How do I get better at tennis clash?

Tennis Clash Tips & Tricks: How to Ace Tennis Clash Without Spending a Single Penny

  1. Focus on developing and exploiting one particular stat, while not ignoring the others. …
  2. Analyse your opponent’s stats and act accordingly. …
  3. Chose either Volley or Backhand/Forehand to slide past Tour 2 and Tour 3.

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Thereof, how do you hit fast in tennis clash?

Herein, how do you hit good shots in tennis clash? Strong Shot: The Strong Shot is a fast-ball high-range shot. It can be quite hard for your opponent to catch. It can be achieved by sliding your finger the faster at the exact moment your Player is about to hit the ball.

Consequently, how do you progress in tennis clash?

How do you beat a volley in tennis clash?

How do you serve harder in tennis clash?

Can you slice in tennis clash?

1) Add a slice mechanic. Tennis has essentially 3 different strokes: Flat, top spin, slice. These will impact the curve and bounce of the ball and forces the other player to position differently. The game currently only has one mechanic which is flat.

How do you increase your forehand in tennis?

How do you hit a lob shot in tennis clash?

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