Is Sania Mirza Shia or Sunni?

Sania Mirza belongs to a Sunni Muslim Family and follows Islam. Her father, Imran Mirza, is a former sports journalist who ran a sports magazine called “Sports Call” in Hyderabad.

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Furthermore, why is Sania Mirza famous?

India’s finest women’s tennis player of all time, Sania Mirza, has been responsible for many firsts in Indian tennis. To name a few, the Hyderabad-based tennis star is the first Indian woman to win a WTA title, reach No. 1 in WTA doubles rankings, break in the top 30 in WTA singles rankings or to win a Grand Slam.

Likewise, is Mirza a high caste? Inter-marriage between Mughal aristocracy and Rajput aristocracy became very common and various factions of Rajput kingdoms embraced the Islamic faith, giving rise to the term “Muslim Rajputs”. Rajput rulers were also granted the title Mirza on account of being high-ranked commanders in the Mughal military.

Moreover, what does Mirza mean in Arabic?

The name Mirza is primarily a gender-neutral name of Arabic origin that means Prince.

What is not a part of the Grand Slam in tennis?

The correct answer is South African Open. South African Open is not a tennis grand slam tournament.

What is the biggest achievement of Sania Mirza?

Tennis: Top five achievements of veteran Sania Mirza

  1. Medals in multi-sports events.
  2. National Awards. …
  3. WTA Finals Title. …
  4. Three Grand Slam titles in Mixed Doubles. …
  5. Three Grand Slam titles in Women’s Doubles. …
  6. The Indian star has accumulated a huge list of accolades in her long career. …

Who is the first Indian player to win a Grand Slam tournament?

Mahesh Shrinivas Bhupathi

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