Is Cary Tennis Park free?

Cary Tennis Park is currently offering free walk up play for the outdoor courts. Please review the Program Status Page to see court availability. The covered courts are not available for rentals at this time. We ask that you limit playing time to one hour if others are waiting for a court.

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In respect to this, are dogs allowed at Cary Tennis Park?

No animals of any kind except those serving the needs of the disabled or those being used in public demonstration as approved by the Director of Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resources. Tennis courts may be used for tennis programs only – no other type of activity is allowed on the courts.

Likewise, people ask, where can I play tennis in Cary NC? Tennis Courts in Cary, North Carolina
Tennis Court Map Type
Annie Jones Park 1414 Tarbert Dr, Cary 2.75 m Public
Scottish Hills Recreation Club 1423 Tarbert Dr, Cary 2.83 m Club
Cardina Gibbons High School 5218 Trinity Rd, Raleigh 3.00 m School
Prestonwood Country Club 300 Prestonwood Pkwy, Cary 3.01 m Club

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