Can you park at winning Lammas Park?

Parking is free on Elers Road and is also free on Culmination Road after work hours. There is no pay parking at the venue.

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Moreover, where can I play tennis in Ealing?

Choose a Ealing Venue to visit

  • Ealing Tennis.
  • Acton Park.
  • Berkeley Fields.
  • Churchfield Recreation Ground.
  • Elthorne Tennis.
  • Gunnersbury Park Sports Hub.
  • North Acton Playing Fields.
  • Perivale Park.
Accordingly, will Lammas Park phone number?

0207 224 1625

Considering this, wILL TO WIN cancellation?

We do not offer refunds against court bookings but you can cancel the booking you made online by going to your online account. A credit will be applied to your account if the cancellation is made more than 24 hours in advance. Any cancellations that occur after the 24 hr deadline will not be refunded.

How big is Pitshanger Park?

Brent River Park covers 400 hectares along its 7km length, and includes formal parks such as Brent Lodge Park, Churchfields Recreation Ground and Elthorne Park (q.q.v.) and open space, golf courses, sports grounds, allotments and privately owned land.

WILL TO WIN book a court?

As of April 2019, everyone can now book a court up to 3 days in advance! We want to give you the best opportunity to take to the court each week and we feel that extending the booking window will allow you to ensure that you fit your favourite sport into your busy schedule.

Can I win a dress code?

Will to Win accepts no responsibility for items lost, stolen or damaged on the premises. … Will to Win is not liable for any incorrect information supplied by players. Appropriate sporting attire should be worn on court and shirts must be worn at all times.

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