How many medals India have in badminton?

It is currently ranked 9th in the World Teams Ranking but has been as high as 7th. It has won 25 medals at the Commonwealth Games and 10 medals at the Asian Games along with 10 medals at the BWF World Championships and 3 medals at the Summer Olympics.

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In this regard, how many Olympic medals are there in badminton?

As many as 121 medals (39 gold, 39 silver, and 43 bronze) have been awarded to 153 medalists from 12 NOCs.

Simply so, who got first Olympic medal in badminton for India? This is India’s first medal in badminton at the Paralympics Games. Manoj Sarkar beat Daisuke Fujihara of Japan and clinched the Bronze medal in the same category. So far, India has won 17 medals at the Paralympics – four gold, seven silver and six bronze medals.

People also ask, who is the gold medalist in badminton in India?

P. V.

Competition Paralympic Games
Gold 2
Silver 1
Bronze 1
Total 4

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