Who has the most Olympic medals in tennis?

Kathleen McKane Godfree (one gold, two silvers, and two bronzes) and Venus Williams (four gold, one silver) are the all-time record holders for the most Olympic medals in tennis.

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Secondly, who is the only tennis player to win a medal in Summer Olympics?

Andy Murray

Tennis at the Summer Olympics
Governing body ITF
Events 5 (men: 2; women: 2; mixed: 1)
Besides, how many medals are there in Olympic table tennis? As of the 2020 Summer Olympics, 115 medals (37 gold, 37 silver, and 41 bronze) have been awarded to 102 players selected from 12 National Olympic Committees (NOC).

Similarly, who won the first gold medal in tennis?

Stefanie Graf, playing for West Germany, was the first singles gold medalist when tennis returned to the Olympic Games at Seoul 1988, defeating Gabriela Sabatini 6-3, 6-3 in the final as part of her unmatched Golden Slam feat that year.

Who has won the Golden Slam in tennis?

Dylan Alcott

Who invented tennis?

Major Walter Clopton Wingfield

Who won the gold medal in men’s tennis in 1988 Olympics?

Miloslav Mečíř

Men’s singles
Tennis at the 1988 Summer Olympics
Champion Miloslav Mečíř (TCH)
Runner-up Tim Mayotte (USA)
Final score 3-6, 6-2, 6-4, 6-2

Who is the youngest Olympic table tennis medalists?

Hend Zaza

Are you allowed to touch the table in table tennis?

you may not touch the table with your non-paddle hand. You may touch the ball or the table with your paddle hand (after reaching in to return a short serve, for example), or other parts of your body. NOTE: If the table moves at all from your touching it during a rally, that is your opponent’s point.

Which was the largest city to ever host the Winter Olympics?

With a population of more than 900,000, Turin became the largest city ever to host the Olympic Winter Games. A record 2,508 athletes from 80 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) competed, and 26 NOCs took home medals—another record.

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