How do you swing a tennis racket for beginners?

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Also question is, what are the 5 steps of a tennis swing?

Five Steps for a Killer Tennis Forehand

  • React to the ball. To hit a forehand, you must first reach the ball. …
  • Set up your shot. As the ball travels closer, make minor footwork adjustments to receive it in your striking zone. …
  • Begin your swing. …
  • Follow through. …
  • Prepare for the next shot.
Accordingly, do you swing a tennis racket? When the ball comes over the net, turn your body and take the racket behind you, almost perpendicular to your belly button. Then, swing the racket so it meets the ball in front of you.

Herein, how do you swing freely in tennis?

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How do I increase my tennis swing speed?

How can I increase my tennis swing speed?

What are the 5 step to hitting a perfect forehand in tennis?

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