How do you smash in tennis?

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Also know, is smashing a skill in tennis?

A “smash” in tennis is considered one of the most powerful strokes in the game, as it requires a tennis player to hit the ball as hard as they can, with the entire force of their body behind the hit. This technique can often be used to end a point if the stroke is powerful enough.

Similarly, what’s a overhead smash in tennis? Perhaps one of the most difficult tennis moves to master, the overhead smash involves hitting a ball over your head and down into your opponent’s court with force. … As an overhead smash is a challenging shot that requires coordination, footwork, strength, and aim, it is a move not often favoured by beginners.

Likewise, why is the smash important in tennis?

The great advantage of the smash is that you can hit the ball into the opponent’s court at high speed. Rarely does a player actually reach the ball. Therefore, the smash is an effective shot to finish the rally and thus win the point.

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Is break a tennis term?

Break: To win a game as the receiving player or team, thereby breaking serve. At high level of play the server is more likely to win a game, so breaks are often key moments of a match.

What does the word smash mean in tennis?

A smash in tennis is a shot that is hit above the hitter’s head with a serve-like motion. It is also referred to as an overhead. A smash can usually be hit with a high amount of force and is often a shot that ends the point.

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