How do you make a tennis ball drum riser?

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Also question is, do tennis ball risers work?

Building a tennis ball riser is a relatively cheap and highly effective way of stopping those vibrations from getting into the floor and disturbing anyone.

Similarly, what do drum risers do? A drum riser provides isolation from the ground or stage on which the rest of the band is performing, which makes for a better drum sound and less rumble under your feet. It provides a visual focal point on stage and breaks up the straight line of performers.

Beside above, what is a tennis ball riser?

A common solution to the problem of noise emanating from an electronic kit is the ‘tennis ball riser’, in which tennis balls are placed between two boards and held together with cable ties.

How do you make a soundproof platform?

Do Roland noise eaters work?

After some testing I can confirm that the noise eaters were able to dampen the thump heard downstairs. Roland claims to reduce the noise by 75%, but in my experience it was not this big of a change. I would say it will help reduce the thump up to 50%. The noise eaters do not wobble as much as I imagined.

Do I need a drum riser?

Without a drum riser, the drummer is a couple of feet lower than the rest of the band who are typically standing up. Communication between band members is critical in a live setting and bringing the drummer to a more natural height, at about eye level to the others, helps a lot with communication.

How big should a drum riser be?

2m x 2m

Why are drummers elevated?

Actually, raising drums off the floor helps prevent the bass and sub-bass frequencies of the kick going directly into the floor, which in turn gives the kick a deeper sound.

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