How do you make a tennis ball riser?

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One may also ask, do tennis ball risers work?

Building a tennis ball riser is a relatively cheap and highly effective way of stopping those vibrations from getting into the floor and disturbing anyone.

In this regard, what is Sylomer foam? Sylomer® is a foamed, micro-cellular PUR-elastomer that minimizes vibration and structure-borne noise from sources such as railways, highways, MRIs, HVAC and industrial machines. … Simply placing discrete strip or point bearings under any machine.

Also question is, what does a drum riser do?

The main purpose of a drum riser is for visibility. By raising the seated drummer off the ground, you will have a clearer view of the drummer as they are normally hidden behind the other band members. Given that underlying purpose, you shouldn’t need more than about 8-12 inches of height, even less may be sufficient.

Do Roland noise eaters work?

After some testing I can confirm that the noise eaters were able to dampen the thump heard downstairs. Roland claims to reduce the noise by 75%, but in my experience it was not this big of a change. I would say it will help reduce the thump up to 50%. The noise eaters do not wobble as much as I imagined.

How do you make a drum riser?

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