How do you humidify a badminton shuttle?

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One may also ask, how do you increase the durability of a shuttlecock?

Use a kettle or a flask of boiled water to steam the shuttlecocks. Place the shuttlecock tube on the kettle/flask and let the steam enter the tube for 30 seconds. Keep the lids closed for at least 12 hours to improve the quality of shuttlecocks.

Moreover, how do you preserve shuttlecock? Steaming Method:

  1. To steam your shuttlecocks. …
  2. Place the shuttles into the tube that you want to use for next days play. …
  3. As soon as you see steam coming out of the top end of the tube, take it off the steamer and put the end caps back on quickly to prevent the steam from escaping.

Keeping this in view, how many feathers are there in a shuttlecock?


Which badminton shuttlecock is better?

Plastic shuttles are considered as the best for recreational and club games, whereas Feather shuttlecock are considered as the best for playing a professional game. Most of the competitive players use feather shuttlecock in daily practise to get better timing during critical situations in tournament matches.

What are badminton balls called?


How long do feather shuttlecocks last?

Feather shuttles are easily damaged and should be replaced every three or four games or sooner if they are damaged and do not fly straight. Damaged shuttles interfere with play as any impairment may misdirect the flight of the shuttlecock.

What is done with a flicking motion in badminton?

Basic backhand shots are best described as flicking: the hand extends at the wrist. Both types of basic shots are best executed when the player is in a ready stance—knees bent, arms at waist level and weight forward. The serve is an underhand shot.

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